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Update on US Chapter of ICAN

US Chapter

The “US Chapter of ICAN” has been incorporated with State Corporate Commission Richmond, Virgina, United States of America which was formally inaugurated by President CA. Prakash Jung Thapa on 24 March, 2018. This chapter, along with facilitating social networking platform for ICAN members residing in United States of America will interact with ICAN on matters of professional interest, develop and conduct continuing professional education (CPE) programs, represent ICAN in local professional platform etc.

The principal office of US Chapter of ICAN is established at 3038 Southern Elm Ct, Fairfax, Virginia 22031. Members of the ICAN residing in USA shall become the member of this Chapter.

The Chapter shall be managed by the Managing Committee. Managing Committee as per the necessity, may form the other committees to support in functioning of the Chapter. Managing Committee members shall be  elected for three years at the annual meeting of members which shall be held in November each year.

Certificate of Incorporation

Managing Committee of US Chapter comprising following members has been formed to manage the affairs of Chapter:

CA. Ganesh Chandra Baniya              : Coordinator

CA. Naya Raj Baral                            : Deputy Coordinator

CA. Sudarshan Chapagain                  : Secretary

CA. Ishwar Pokharel                           : Treasurer

CA. Binod Lamsal                              : Executive Member

CA. Birajan Pant                                 : Executive Member

CA. Laxman Bhandari                        : Executive Member

CA. Tika Acharya                               : Executive Member


The Managing Committee has also formed seven sub-committees to facilitate the activities of Chapter:

  1. Continuous Professional Education Committee (CPE).
  2. Membership Database and Information Technology Committee.
  3. Contemporary issue discussion Committee.
  4. Public Relation and Editorial committee.
  5. Professional Enrichment Committee.
  6. Audit Committee